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Thanksgiving Sermon 2022

Join us for a special Thanksgiving sermon as BJ teaches us how to be truly thankful in down times and not sit in animosity.

Trusting in God

Join us as Pastor BJ delivers a great message about keeping God first and trusting in Him, even when it seems all hope is lost.

The Great Confession

Learn to let Jesus interrupt your life. Join us as Pastor BJ delivers a challenging message about Christianity today.

Join us as we wrap up our series of the sermon on the mount and learn about absolutes and how we are called to live in the world yet set apart from the world.

Join us as Pastor Rick, gives us a challenging message on fellowship and discipleship and how it brings honor to God.

Join us as we continue through the Book of Matthew and learn how not judge others least we be judged as well.

Join us as Sandy give an encouraging word in dealing with depression through scripture.

Putting God First

Join us as BJ delivers a challenging message about surrendering to God and trusting in Him even when everything seems to be going against you. Put God first in all things.

Join us this Mission Sunday as we hear about Jared's time in Zambia and his outreach to UT's Campus; along with a challenging message about character from Pastor Rick.

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